Hi Highkers and other Highlife Supporters,

Yesterday, I learned, again, why I am creating this business and the life that I love more everyday. 

Yesterday, I didn't make big money or speak to a bunch of folks. I had one client on my tour and our time together was priceless. With the social-enhancement cannabis provides, people are able to speak--and support each others' speaking--in a more beneficent way and it greases the wheels of true conversation and tribal adherence, actually. In so many ways, that is just the opposite of what eventually happens with contiguous beers. I'll choose bonding over barf any day.

This is not to bash the adult (operative word) enjoyment of alcohol but the line between the adult and the juvenile gets ever blurrier with more alcohol where the use of cannabis to create camaraderie has a much more significant and lasting effect in my opinion.

I am finding that folks who gravitate to High Urban Hikes are astounding by living. Astounded by history and politics and art and lore. The city and the walking and the pot mix to create the perfect arena for interactive story-telling, for personal sharing and educational and folkloric tidbits. 

Yesterday, I had a wonderful day with a very bright man from Tampa Florida who was engaged the entire time and it was delightful. So delightful that I am considering his suggestion of being a canna-ambassador to folks coming here for the first time to experience the ever-changing and expanding pot scene here in Denver. So, watch for that service being introduced and consider whether it's something that could deepen the satisfaction of a trip to Denver for you. 

My morning high walk composition for this Sunday in August can be found at the top of this blog,

It is called The Marriage of Delphine.

Highly tuned in and loving every minute,