Hi Everyone,

I'm Amy, the creator of both High Urban Hikes and The HighLife Connection. My goal for both of these is to create events that fall into that sweet sweet spot where education and entertainment meet to uplevel our conscious experience of ourselves, the world and each other. Fortunately, I (and maybe you) live in Colorado where the sacred, cerebral, silly, sumptuous and satisfying edition of cannabis adds a deepening layer to everything and frees your mind from petty skull chatter to expand in an ever-unretractable and creative way. YAY!

As an out of town visitor who comes to experience what my events have to offer, you will return to your home with a real souvenir--an expansion of who you are and an ability to extend that expansion to the life you live in your town. As a local Denver participant, you are expanding your relationship with a plant that has benefited our planet for thousands of years and, hopefully, you are moving beyond what Conor Oberst calls "Slacktivism" to strong advocacy for the full freedom that Amendment 64 promises. I am prepared to do that with you with poised purpose.

We are all pioneers in this exciting, groundbreaking time in history. What better place to keep blazing that trail than right here in the very heart of the Wild West? I look forward to sharing all that is happening here in Denver with YOU on this blog, for now, but look forward to the true connection, face to face, that is the real meaning behind, well, just about everything.

In the meantime, meet me back here for bi-weekly updates on High Urban Hikes tours, tagalong events (our events tied to something way groovy already scheduled in and around Denver), private Kick-off Parties for our out-of-town guests (townies are always welcome everywhere we go), hints about best uses of cannabis from Canna-blogs and tweets I curate, my own high hike discoveries, social activism prompts for you to help support legal cannabis and hemp in my state, your state and our nation and, most importantly, a growing dialogue with you. Your comments are as precious as the gold that folks staked their claim to Colorado on almost 160 years ago. Let me hear what you think, feel and experience. 

Highly appreciative of it all,




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