I just want to take a moment to say thanks to all of the Highkers I met in the inaugural season of High Urban Hikes. We had some deep talks, made some real friendships and re-opened our eyes to the wonder of living that so often gets glossed over in the nightly news. 

Fortunately, I have another venture on the wing. I am starting a new "Canncierge" service which is a personal service for singles, couples or groups. I know that folks come to Denver for many reasons and the legality of cannabis is just a little side benefit. Let me make your canna- experience here OPTIMO in every way. I will personally work with your schedule and meet you in an agreed space or come to your downtown hotel, take you to a dispensary and walk you through the buying experience and your first consumption experience. Then we will continue our elevated time together exploring the art, architecture, history and lore of this lovely city. Read the testimonials on my site for folks who opted for this kind of personal service during the 2015 summer.

Write to me at thc@thehighlifeconnection.com if you want more information. That website should be up and running fully in about two weeks (early November). Our 2016 Season of High Urban Hikes will begin somewhere between April 1 and April 17 depending on the weather.