What are we in for?

Isn't it HIGH TIME you had your first field "trip" in Downtown Denver.  You have never had such a fun, interesting, insiders' adventure in this great town AND had the chance to share the experience LEGALLY with other curious Cannabists! Food, art, history, prizes, and other unscriptable excitement wrapped in the perfect buzz. 
(NOTE: This is a non-consumption event. High-kers should prepare ahead of time although it is an incredibly fun event for the non-partakers as well!)

What's included in each tour: 

* Talented local guide with insider scoops; 

* 2+ hours of organized, safe, 420-focused fun; 

* an unforgettable and informative interaction with Denver's art, history, culture, people and whimsy; 

* visits to quirky spots you'd probably miss on your own;

* tips and,sometimes, Special HUH-EXCLUSIVE discounts for further Mile High City adventures,

 * Incredible camaraderie with other Cannabists from around the country and world!

What do I tell my mother?

Tell her: "Darling, beautiful mother, (just that part might work) this is an adventure for all walks of life and together we will celebrate freedom in a new, but strikingly American, way."

If that doesn't work:

(1) Show her this list of successful stoners.

(Maybe skip #18)

(2) Invite her  

What should I bring with me?

A huge open heart, sunscreen, water, cell phone (gotta get those selfies/usies), field trip money (pinned to your jacket, optional), proper weather gear and footwear, and YOur CANNA-buddies.

How much excitement are we in for?!

Our wondrous tour generally takes about 2.5 hours but leave room in the schedule for some drinks afterward with your new [bud]dies. 

What if the tour seems to be "sold out" or we have other questions?

Send us a TEXT message to 720-600-4THC (4842)! You can also find us on Facebook and @huhdenver on Twitter. Creating a HIGH-quality experience for you and your friends is our goal so we'll do what we can to accommodate.

What about refunds and weather stuff? 

All tours will run regardless of weather. Refunds will be considered on a case by case basis. 

Do I have to be high to enjoy one of your Urban Hikes? 

Well, High on life, probably! But, like we said, even non-partakers will find this a fun and fantastical way to spend an afternoon in this crystalline city (especially if your friends/family plan to get high anyway.) This tour appeals to multiple levels of consciousness!

This is, of course, encouraged.

If you are new to this form of recreation, no problem. A little strangeness may proceed the infusion of true enjoyment (and if you need tips on dosing go here), so just hang in there! This (below) will not happen (no matter what Officer Friendly said):

As a quick final note:

Ultimately, we are all glad you can join in this brave and fun new world. BOOK YOUR TOUR HERE RIGHT NOW.

For a detailed document outlining our terms of agreement, please go to this link:

Disclaimer Link

Purchasing a ticket to HUH constitutes your agreement to these terms and we'll get your John Hancock (bet he was a stoner too!) on the waiver at the beginning of the tour. Tours run rain or shine (often we'll get a little of both). 


Experiential Freedom seekers like you!