Traveling and tourism was always on the horizon for Amy (having moved 9 times before junior high). In 2001, she took her three kids out of school and carted them around the world for 6 months. In past lives she has dedicated her copious energy and skills to writing a novel, doing political organizing, and becoming a certified international tour director. Amy loves discovering new sights, sounds, smells, tastes and experiences and sharing them with other people. NOW, she's excited for you and your friends/family/co-workers to share a new adventure with her that she conceived in her own sativa-inspired series of creative WALKS around Denver. Her vision and talents-- and wish to share with you this great legal cannabis environment-- meld fully in this offering of high-jinx, high art and history in the urban landscape of Denver, Colorado. Let her blaze the trail for you!


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Kevin is one of those guys you just want to be around…affirming and inquisitive, he takes the High Life in Denver with a unique urban-universalist philosophy. When he’s not hanging in Cheesman park with his best girl, Emily, he’s at his bill-paying job, learning more Japanese, playing a borrowed mandolin, or dipping into some Patrick J Rothfuss. A philosophy major from Illinois State University, Kevin has his feet now firmly planted in Denver even if his head is sometimes in the dankest clouds. Wang Chung. Tonight.